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What happened in a generation to our children’s movement quality? It took us only a few decades to see our children suffer a healthcare crisis, increase their injuries in sport, military and occupation, quit sports, increase anxiety, depression and opioid use just to name a few. Is it possible that we have brought a fitness solution to a movement problem? Have we brought a sports skill solution to a physical literacy problem? Who can course correct this? We believe it’s our Physical Educators. It seems they are the ones that haven’t been given the proper chance since the JFK era. It’s time physical educators were put back on the forefront of our children’s health, physical, mental and emotional balance. PE teachers are on the frontline of healthcare. Do you want to be part of the solution to improve movement quality so that children can enjoy a lifetime of recreation, athletics and physical fitness? Come join us to see and feel how you can seamlessly and strategically implement these three easy steps into your already well functioning class or strength and conditioning program.

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