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Each Game Sheet Contains

Learning Focus
Social Distancing Modifications
Tactical Problems
Assessment Criteria
Home Learning Modifications
Game Description & Rules
Teacher Questions
Easy 1 Page Format
Base Race
Free Games, Striking & Fielding Games
Accurately Hit Ball, Scoring Runs, Stop Scoring Runs
Bench Ball
Free Games, Invasion Games
Maintain Possession, Regain Possession, Create Space, Defend Space, Attack Goal, Defend Goal
Bean Bag Boccia
Free Games, Target Games
Proximity to Target, Avoiding Obstacles, Creating a Dynamic Reaction, Defending Space/Objects, Getting Last Shot
Badminton Golf
Free Games, Target Games
Proximity to Target, Avoiding Obstacles
Down Down Up
Free Games, Net & Wall Games
Maintain a Rally, Winning a Point, Setting Up For Attack, Defend Space, Defend Attack, Restart Play
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