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Tactical Games Database

I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed creating your own game, and I hope you continue to use the knowledge and resources gained from taking this course to create even more awesome, purposeful games. However, wouldn’t it be great if someone else did all the work for you?

Introducing the Purposeful Games Database, a growing collection of games designed by Nathan that you can use in your classes straight away. Each game has been carefully designed to align to the Tactical Problems faced in each of the 4 game categories. Access already completed Game Sheets like the ones you saw earlier and use them with your students straight aways and save yourself a lot of time.

Each month Nathan adds 5 brand new Game Sheets to the Database, meaning every month you have a handful of new, purposeful games to use in your program. Nathan also records a Game Video, like the one below, and shares it in the Database each month, showing you how to set up, play, modify and assess the game.

If you are interested in accessing these game sheets and videos you can do so by subscribing to the Purposeful Games Database below. 

As a student of this course I am offering you a discount of 30% off for your first years subscription, meaning you will get 60 Purposeful Game Sheets and 12 Game Videos for only $35! Simply click the button below to access your discount.