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The TGfU Game Sheet Collection is a 20 Game bundle of quality physical education games designed using the Teaching Games for Understanding framework.

Purposeful Games
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Simple One Page Game Sheets

This collection of 20 easy to use 1-page Game Sheets include all the information you need to teach, modify and assess. Games have been designed using the TGfU Framework and each sheet includes:

TGfU Games Collection Bundle

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  • 20 Quality Games designed the the TGfU Framework
  • 5 Games per Category - Invasion, Target, Striking & Fielding, Net/Wall
  • Game Modifications, Assessment Criteria, Teacher Questions
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  • Includes Access to 5 Free Online Courses
"I am using the games a lot. I have printed a bunch of games off and have tried quite a few. Very helpful."
Mary Hopkins
PE Teacher, Bermuda


Most frequent questions and answers

Following your purchase your Games Collection will be emailed to you. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it gets sent there.

No, you will receive a PDF file with your 20 Games. Feel free to print them for your personal use, or simply access them in a digital format and save a few trees.

Because each game is designed with a tactical concept as it’s main focus, these game can really be played by any age group from Elementary to High School. With the modifications included you should be able to adapt the game to suit whatever level you teach.

By purchasing this product, you are eligible to receive a FREE bonus membership to The PhysEd Library. Here you will be able to access 5 Free Online Courses, Assessment Tools and Visuals, as well as interact with over 700 PE Teachers from around the world as part of our Library Community.

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Yes, our Games Database currently contains over 50 quality games, and more are being added all the time. To access these games you will need to upgrade your membership to a Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime level. More information about this can be found at library.iphys-ed.com/memberships

No, your monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership includes access to all of these games as part of the Games Database.

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