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[uo_breadcrumbs]While I hope that this course has provided you with all the assistance and inspiration to improve your assessment practice, some of you may still feel you require a little extra support and mentoring on your professional learning journey. Fear not! Join The Squad and join a community of physical educators who are dedicated to improving their practice

The Squad

The Squad is an online coaching community hosted by Nathan Horne from iPhys-Ed.com which provides mentoring support to help physical educators on their professional learning journey.

Squad Members get access to:

  • High-Quality physical education resources.
  • Exclusive Physical Education webinars.
  • Ongoing mentoring and support from Nathan.
  • Access to community support within The Squad.

f you are interested in joining The Squad to improve your practice you can join now


Squad Member Testimonial

Rowan Turner joined The Squad in May 2017 and has been one of its most active members. Rowan is from South Africa originally but has spent most of his life in Hong Kong. He received his Sports Science Degree and PGCE in South Africa before getting his first teaching post in Shanghai, China. He spent 2 years in Shanghai as Head of Physical Education before moving to his current job in Hong Kong as Head of Physical Education at International College Hong Kong, Hong Lok Yuen. In his spare time, he is a level 2 rugby referee and has refereed Premiership and Premiership A rugby in Hong Kong.

Why did you join The Squad?

I joined The Squad in order to connect with people who have the same passion and drive in becoming the best Physical Educators we can become. Sometimes the best professional development you can get is not by going on courses, but by speaking to people in your field about their experiences.

How has The Squad helped your teaching practice?

I have received many interesting ideas from the squad in this very short amount of time. With these ideas, I have been motivated to create my very own physical literacy assessment tool as well as more assessment tools for TGFU and Swimming. These have helped me pinpoint where I need to improve in my teaching and which areas of the curriculum need to be developed more.

What’s the best part of being a Squad member?

Nathan is just a click away…. Anytime I have had a question for Nathan, he has been there to assist me and what’s even better, is that others are there to give their experiences as well. This means that not only do you have google at your fingertips, you also have a wealth of knowledge that you can’t find on google at your disposal.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of joining The Squad?

DO IT! It is a great tool to have at your disposal when you have a quick question or when you are stuck and need help. Remember, we are all professionals in this field, however, none of us are perfect educators and asking for help from others is an extremely important part of our professional development. Also, the more educators we get onto The Squad, the more powerful The Squad becomes.

Squad Webinar Example

Below is an example of one of our monthly Squad Member only webinars on Game Design.